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Photography Terms

  1. In these Terms “We”, “Us”and “Our” refers to Mersea Barns, the trading name of Old Glebe Barns Limited; “You” and “Your” refers to the person submitting the Image and completing and sending to us the form on the website; the “Image” refers to each photograph or other image which you upload or otherwise provide to Us; “Your Consent” means the agreement which you give to us by ticking the boxes in completing the consent form on the website.
  2. We will not use the Image except for the purposes which you permit by Your Consent but for those purposes may copy it and may use the whole or parts of it as We feel to be appropriate.
  3. We will not use the Image after 15 January 2023 and we will delete it from our records no later than that date.
  4. We will not sell any rights in the Image nor agree that anyone else may use it.
  5. Save with your express agreement, We will use the Image only as part of a display with other items relating to the Mersea Island ‘story’ and not on its own as a primary promotional feature.
  6. If the Image identifies an individual we will not display any names, contact details or other information in relation to it, whether as a caption or otherwise, unless you expressly agree in writing that we may do so.
  7. You confirm that each living individual who is identifiable from the Image has agreed to its use in the manner which You have agreed in Your Consent.
  8. You also agree that, if the Image was created after 31 May 1957, the photographer or other person entitled to the copyright in it has agreed to its use and copying in the manner which You have so agreed.
  9. You may terminate Your Consent at any time by e-mail to and We will then cease use of the Image as soon as practicable after receiving your e-mail.
  10. You agree that We may communicate with You in relation to the Image and may retain and use Your name and the information which You provide in Your Consent for the purposes of doing so.
  11. If You have any concern or complaint about Our use of the Image please e-mail Us at and We will promptly seek to resolve it; if You remain dissatisfied You may complain to the Information Commissioner at or by telephone to 0303 123113.
  12. If, instead of uploading the Image through the website, You deliver it to Us physically You will ensure that it is not valuable and that You are not concerned to have it returned to You. We cannot accept liability for any item so delivered to us (but the above Terms will apply to it) and may destroy or discard it as we see fit.
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